Online drinks delivery - Buy alcohol online

You will agree with me that technology has completely changed our lives, it has changed the way we shop, socialize, order drinks, make business deals and just about everything else. Online drinks delivery is a new thing,

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Champagne in Kenya - Champagne online Delivery Nairobi

All the celebrations will never be complete without tossing a bottle of champagne. Champagne are celebration drinks since their discovery. This is because champagne are beautiful drinks that brings sparkle to every celebration. Startin

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24 hour alcohol delivery Nairobi

We all remember the promise of a 24 hour economy by the government, although I will not speak much about how close or far we are to achieving this dream, I have a better story, one that will make you order a bottle of whisky at the end

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Buy wine online in Kenya

If you want to buy wine then you have two options, you can either opt to buy from a local store or buy from an online liquor store. Due to the adoption of technology in the Kenyan market and acceptance of e-commerce especially in the m

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Dial a drink Nairobi

As technology advances, our lives continue getting better. We are living in an era where we can get things done fast and efficiently by technology. Everyday we are using technology to find the best restaurants, places to visit, a plumber, a software de

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Drinks delivery Nairobi - Buy alcohol online

Nairobi is an amazing city, the beauty of the city goes beyond what we can see and with the advancement of web technologies, Nairobi has become one of the cities with most efficient and reliable office and home delivery services. With

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EABL Drinks delivery – Alcohol delivery Nairobi

You will agree with me that Drinks delivery in Nairobi has taken root, several online liquor stores including EABL ( East African Breweries Limited) has finally come of age. Ordering alcohol has never been easier with

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Drinks delivery Kenya - Alcohol delivery Nairobi

For most of us, life is not made up of big moments, it’s made up of small moments which oftenly involves friends, family and a glass of wine or whisky which guarantees a sure path to realizing how beautiful life can be. Alcohol has always been part of

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Same day alcohol delivery Nairobi

Online shopping in Kenya has become the de facto way of buying goods and services. The general acceptance of the e-commerce technology is as a result of efficiency, reliability, and ease of online shopping. In the field of d

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Alcohol delivery in Kenya - FAQs

Online drinks delivery has bridged the gap between the liquor stores and the buyer. Today there are no hustles, no delays, and no delivery charges when you are buying drinks online in Na

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Alcohol home delivery – Order drinks online

Dial a delivery – Alcohol delivery Nairobi has reached a point where we consider our services close to perfect. The journey that started with our shop operating as an over the counter liquor store in the city to one of t

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Liquor store near me - Alcohol delivery

Whoever orders drinks or food online needs the delivery made instantly without any delay and that’s why dial a delivery was formed; to deliver alcohol at the “speed of light”, which in Kenyan time is equivalent to about 30 minutes. At Dial a delivery w

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Buy wine online in Nairobi - Wine delivery

You can hardly expect to have a nice dinner without wine. Whenever you gather to celebrate anything, you have to include wine in your celebrations. You won’t be wrong if you consider wine to be the center of happiness. Not only does it relax your mind,

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Red wine brands in Kenya - Buy red wine online Nairobi

It's no secret, the key to a memorable occasion is through it's meal, which with the right choice of drinks could bring the a great and memorable experience.

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Wine delivery services Nairobi

Booze, as Nairobians call it, has become an important part of their lives. During times of happiness or sadness, it is still the most preferred beverage. This is because it comes in handy in almost any situations. With the emergence of

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Wines In Kenya – Buy Wine Online

Wines are among the most consumed types of alcohol in Kenya. This category of alcohol is made from the fermentation of grapes. There are so many types of grapes in the world but only a few of them are us

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Buy drinks online

From finding affordable drinks to avoiding crowds, there are many reasons why you should consider buying your drink online instead of in the physical liquor stores in the streets.

From development of e-commerce, we all can agree

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Alcohol delivery service

Kenya is among the countries that love progress, we love to embrace new and exciting ways of accomplishing our daily chores. As a country, we are proud to be the world’s early adopters of mobile banking; we have been named as the leaders when it comes

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Best drinks for different occasions

Every occasion, is a good time to have a drink. Be it Sunday brunch, Friday night, wedding, birthday party, first date or the happy hour. Even though most people choose to drink only beer or wine, there is more to explore, with so many choices out ther

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Alcohol storage tips

In almost every house, there is always that one bottle of alcohol tucked away in the cabinet or at the back of the freezer. May be you ordered this bottle of alcohol via one of the alcohol delivery apps with the intentio

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Getting to know your beers – Beers in Kenya

For more than 10,000 years, people all over the world have been enjoying beer. Today, beer remains one of the best-selling alcoholic drinks out there. The popularity of this drink is the same in the regardless of the economic status of the county. Nobo

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Alcohol Delivery Nairobi

Alcohol delivery Nairobi is the new way to shop for your favourite alcoholic drinks online with less or no hustles at all. You search for your drink, you order it via cart, text or Whats

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Is red wine good for your health? - Doctor's perspective

Don’t we all love a well-toned skin? The kind they use in lotion commercials?

Or better still, good, healthy teeth – the kind that a toothpaste Ad would pay a fortune for? If your answer is “YES”, or “YES Of COURSE!” then you are in the right pla

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